Top Five Secret 2010 Holiday Destinations

Published: 23rd April 2010
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Are the first rays of spring sunshine putting you in the holiday mood? Although there are still a few weeks to go before the summer season starts, you will most probably find out you are not the only one wishing to act on that 'holiday feeling'. Where to? That could be the question. If not Mallorca, the Algarve or the Canaries, what are the new tempting destinations for 2010? There are several summer as well as winter sun destinations emerging this year. The choice depends on what type of holidaymaker you are planning to be in the summer and winter sun season of 2010. To assist you, here is a short comprehensive list of some of the hottest undiscovered top five destinations.

Cape Verde, located in the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its unique landscapes of volcano cones combined with fertile valleys carpeted with lush green plantations. It is a true paradise for hikers, bird watchers and those craving for some peace and quiet on the uncrowded beaches surrounded by unspoilt picturesque scenery. The ten islands of Cape Verde, although forming one region, present identity of their own in terms of nature, the coastline and culture. Thanks to its mild climate, Cape Verde is able to welcome visitors all year round.

The Azores form another archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean which will fascinate those keen on walking tours, whale watching and various watersports like windsurfing, sailing or fishing. There are nine islands to explore in total and they all offer spectacular scenery blended with local traditions and festivals. The cuisine here consists of delicious seafood dishes and the dark sandy beaches stretch for miles. The best time to visit the Azores is summer for the beach lovers and rest of the year for those wishing to explore the natural beauty and history of this region.

Ayvalik in Turkey will appeal if you like quieter beaches of the fairly undiscovered Northern Aegean Coast. The region boasts the longest sweep of sandy beach and a wonderful blend of Turkish and Greek cultures, which is apparent in many parts of the old town. Carpet shops, cozy coffee bars and tea houses and tiny souvenir shops complement the ultimate laid back feel atmosphere. Ayvalik faces the Greek Island of Lesvos and it is also within easy reach of the small Cunda island, both being ideal for day trips should you wish to venture further afield and explore or just get the taste of the delicious seafood in the local restaurants.

Alonissos is a true hideaway in the Aegean Region of Greece. This island provides Robinson Crusoe style seclusion, the cleanest crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and fantastic beaches. The rich history and culture of this island is reflected in everyday lives of the local people, in its traditions and cuisine. Try the succulent fish dishes, wonderful salads with tasty olives and mingle with the locals in the traditional tavernas. Walk around the picturesque harbours in Partitiri or Votsi or take a trip to one of the sandy beaches in Milia or Marpunta. Generally, unwinding on the beach is the order of the day on this marvelous island. Howeve,r you can also take advantage of the daily excursions and boat trips to historical places and the neighbouring islands, which will enhance your holiday experience.

The recently renovated Velassaru Island is a true gem in the Maldives. Spoil yourself in the truly stylish and sophisticated accommodation in Water Villas, Water Bungalows and Beach Villas where the tiffany blue waters invite you for the morning dip in the ocean straight from your terrace. The resort has a quiet and relaxed feel and its lush exotic beaches are never crowded. The resort's spa provides the ultimate pampering in its overwater treatment rooms and offers a whole myriad of massages, oil treatments and ritual baths. Ideal for honeymoons and year-round escapes, Velassaru Island welcomes visitors all year round, providing you with the most unforgettable holiday moments.


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